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May 7th 2006

my 1L year by the numbers

5,900: approximate number of pages read
420: approximate number of hours spent in classes and formal review sessions
405: approximate number of pages of notes (12pt font, 1″ margins, single-spaced)
27: approximate number of hours spent taking final examinations

1: number of anterior cruciate ligaments torn and repaired
19,000: approximate amount of debt, in us dollars
12: number of times in 2 semesters i was late to gaetke’s 9am contracts class
1: number of times gaetke gave me the evil eye
166: number of days (and counting) that i have been adversely possessing the desk at the top of the law library’s west stairwell. see howard v. kunto (continuity of possession may be established although the [desk] is used regularly for only a certain period each year).

90: approximate number of resumes sent out
7: number of interviews these resumes generated
2: offers of work

58: the number of times i’ve blogged since law school started last august
71 and 91: the number of times i blogged over the same period in previous years
1: UK law school web page’s rank on google for the phrase sample law school exams. i told the IT guys to put google ads on the page, but they weren’t interested.


if you can think of other numbers i should post here, let me know and i’ll add them.

6 Responses to “my 1L year by the numbers”

  1. Clayton

    I’m pretty sure that law school has adversely possessed my future. And my soul.

    Incidentally, I’ve been thinking about printing some cards along the lines of “Dorian Grey, Esquire.” Or, perhaps, in a bid to establish my street cred., “Dorian Grey, Rainmaker.” I guess it’ll depend which looks better on eggshell.

    Only one instance of “evil eyes” from your contracts professor? Impressive. Barnett, who I had for Con Law in the fall, would simply drop whatever he was doing, then stare at anyone brave, stupid or hungover enough–sometimes indistinguable at my school–to walk into class late. Seriously, he really would just stop mid-sentence and glare at you, his libertarian eyes flashing pure contempt, boring directly into your very core, daring you to ever–EVER–arrive late again. Every few seconds he’d shift his eyes to clock, then quickly back to you, as if to remind me you exactly why you were suffering.

    Everyone else would just sit by awkwardly, nervous in our inability to resist watching the proverbial train wreck. Even once he prey had taken his seat, the inpenetrable silence would persist until Barnett could be certain that the interruption had exacted a sufficiently painful punishment; i.e. loss of dignity. If he really felt like piling on, like if you blamed your tardiness on the Metro, he hound you with more than icy looks. You’d see his mouth opening, but instead of the “Ah, Heeell no!” that his gestures signaled was coming, he’d stun you with some kind of complex question that would be nearly impossible to answer off-the-cuff. Charming, right? That Barnett sounded like a lot like Euguene Levy only added to the ridiculousness of it all.

    Anyway, Con Law horrors aside, congratulations on finishing up. I still have THREE exams left, including Civ. Pro. tomorrow. So of course I’m surfing the internet.

  2. doug

    405: approximate number of pages of notes (12pt TNR font, 1-inch margins in MSword)

    I want to know if these really were 202 pages of notes that you then double-spaced. 😉

  3. 2 offers — congratulations. What city will you end up in for your first summer?

  4. john: the exotic city of lexington, self-proclaimed “horse capital of the world.”

    doug: i have edited the number 405 description to close that loophole.

    clayton: i had a sympathy-inducing excuse for the last four or five tardies–crutches and a bum knee. that may have helped keep the number of evil eyes to a minimum. and also: i stopped ever looking toward the front of the class within the first few minutes after walking in late.

  5. briant

    how bout a comparison of the # of case briefs between first and second semester?

    my first year: 276

    second year: 0

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