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Jun 22nd 2006

2006 stanley cup champion carolina hurricanes

note: this post was written at the request rebuke of tiffany, a resident of north carolina.

the stanley cup, with a mystical lore all its own, adds another dimension to the national hockey league championship.

-it is the oldest trophy for which professional athletes compete. [it was first awarded in 1893, 113 seasons ago.]

-it is the only trophy in professional sports that has the name of every winning player, coach, and personnel from the management and staff engraved on it. [there were 2,116 names on the stanley cup as of may 2002. in the early days, players added their names to the trophy by scratching them onto the original bowl with a knife or a nail. nowadays, the league does that for them.]

[more on the stanley cup]

no other professional sport, with their corporate designed and mass-produced cookie-cutter trophies, can compete with the NHL and the stanley cup. in football and basketball, you hear a lot about winning the championship ring, but do you see anybody even wearing their rings? in golf’s masters, you have the green jacket. it happens to be hideous. you don’t see tiger wearing it out on his dinner dates with the norwegian model.

you win the stanley cup, you get your freaking name CARVED in it, along with every player on the roster, the coaches, trainers…anyone who had a hand in the victory.

in other professional sports, like the NFL and NBA, the commissioner actually hands the trophy to the freaking owner first. it’s like, “congratulations. you’re rich.”

in the NHL, they hand the trophy to the team captain. he and the players earned it, with their stitches, broken bones, muscle pulls, sweat, bruises, and sacrifice. the owner knows his place in the NHL. he deserves it, too, but he’ll be one of the last to touch it.

the picture of rod brind’amour, above, says it all. there is no more difficult championship to win. the season, if you reach the finals, is 10 months long. the salaries are the most modest in professional sports. these players do it for the chance to hoist the most coveted trophy in all of sports.

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i don’t have much to say about the NHL playoffs this year. i wasn’t able to watch them, due to people other than me being retarded. but the finals games i did see (3-7) were unbelievable. the action is better than ever due to some much-needed rules changes. the technical aspects of NBC’s finals coverage were pretty dismal, however. i didn’t like the pair of john davidson and mike emrick. emrick does too much “calling” of the game, as if he’s on radio and no one else can see it (hint: we can ALL see what’s going on, mike) and he looks a little too much like darren pang. john davidson is a disappointing color man. he seems to be a lot like me in that, when there is silence, he just keeps talking to fill it, no matter how stupid his words are starting to sound. there were several instances in the finals where he had no idea what was going on. often he had trouble finishing his ramblings by the time NBC went to commercial, so he got cut off. many times he had to apologize for identifying a player as someone else, or being unsure of a rule. that’s bad color, man.

anyway, i miss gary thorne calling the games. but on a positive note, pierre, the guy at ice level, did an amazing job.

i’m very happy that carolina won, both for hockey in the US and for the guys on the carolina hockey club. glen wesley is another ray bourque-type story, having played his entire career without winning a cup. cam ward, the rookie goaltender, makes for an amazing story. so does eric cole, the guy who broke his neck in march and just made it back for the last few games of the finals. the hurricanes and the edmonton oilers joined the league back in 1979, both coming over from the WHA, if memory serves. edmonton, of course, has already won a slew of stanley cups in its short history (84, 85, 87, 88, and 90). the hurricanes of raleigh were the hartford, connecticut whalers until 1997 when they moved south. like the colorado avalanche (formerly the quebec nordiques), the hurricanes had little success until they relocated. their first finals appearance was in 2002, and i believe they lost in 4 games. this time, they brought the cup home to raleigh.

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on the NBA championship this year: i really enjoyed it. i love to see shaq do well. i love d-wade, james posey, pat riley, and alonzo mourning. the action was incredible. but i couldn’t help feeling like i was watching a bit of a WWE event. d-wade and the heat went to the line so many times, and the foul calls were so curiously distributed that the games seem fixed.

but maybe that’s just me.

anyway, congrats to carolina and hartford on winning their first-ever stanley cup, and to miami for winning their first-ever corporate-designed, gold-plated basketball on top of a tapered triangle.

UPDATE: the following video has been added at edmo’s suggestion:

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  1. Tiffany

    You have exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Travis.

  2. K-Y,

    Check out the first clip on my home page ( Its all about what it takes to win a Stanley Cup. Steve Thomas puts it nicely when he ranks the important things in a hockey player’s life: First, family and then, for some, their faith, and then the Stanley Cup. You should post it on your site too!


  3. No real comment, but a great post. I love it.

    Oh, and as for Bettman and OLN deal, read NHL Chief Bettman Pleased With TV Deal.

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