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Oct 13th 2006

3000th blog comment and 350,000th blog visitor

all-encompassingly has recently passed a couple of blogging milestones.

at the beginning of october we served our 350,000th visitor. we have been blogging since march 2003, or about three and a half years. this works out to about 100,000 visitors per year (just over 8,000 per month).

at the end of september, we received our 3000th comment. if you’re scoring at home, this means only 1 in approximately 115 people is pissed enough to say something back to us.

our 2000th comment was only just left by last january. it took us 35 months to amass our first 2,000. it took us 9 months to amass our last 1,000 comments.

i think we have the beginning of our own little exponential curve-thingy going on.


all-encompassingly exponential growth

::: more updates later, when we have another milestone to report :::

4 Responses to “3000th blog comment and 350,000th blog visitor”

  1. briant

    you should give prizes to the pple that make such milestones.

  2. Ryan

    Let me add to the tidal wave.

  3. I like what you have to say. I’m going to tell my friends.

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