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Sep 24th 2007

ahmadinejad: “there are no homos in iran”

iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad, at columbia university today, responded as follows to a comment about iran’s well-documented practice of executing homosexuals:

In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that like in your country. … In Iran we do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who’s told you that we have this.

also, the holocaust never happened. watch the clip here or various, more complete segments here

10 Responses to “ahmadinejad: “there are no homos in iran””

  1. He’s gay. That’s all it comes down to. That’s why he persecutes gays so much. Heck, that’s why Republicans persecute gays so much too. 😉

  2. travis

    that makes no sense.

    btw, dan, is ahmadinejad still your hero?

  3. huh, I can’t remember him ever being my hero. He must be a hero of Republicans though, seeing how much they keep talking about him…

  4. travis

    i think that has got to be one of the most brain dead comments ever on this blog.

    I can’t remember him ever being my hero.

    my bad. i think i had subconsciously associated you with him due to your mutual hatred for america.

    [aquavelvet head] must be a hero of Republicans though, seeing how much they keep talking about him…

    is bush your hero?

    or karl rove?

    or cheney?

    or [insert focus of any loony left conspiracy here]

  5. Paul

    I don’t get why Ahmadinejad persists in having these ridiculous interviews. He and the government he represents must be aware that every time he makes a fool of himself on American TV it lowers his credibility as a respectable leader (if it can go any lower for him). Why does Iran want to look stupid and tyrannical? Are they just trying to fuel American dislike towards Iran?

  6. I imagine that these kinds of things are used more for his own image back in Iran. Notice that there is not an open and free media there. They have full reign to splice and dice the video how they choose.

    His denial of the Holocaust is interesting. He is not trying to change minds in the west, I imagine he is simply very methodically planting seeds of doubt among his own people to the point that they begin to question the Holocaust just as much. Similar to 9/11 conspiracy people. A rather small movement has slowly grown to the point where a lot of people now question what really happened. Imagine if one entity controlled most of the media though…

  7. Paul

    Ryan, that is a very good point about the boost to his image from being able to use good clips of him speaking in America. The media is a powerful thing to the point that it is scary. Have you seen Glenn Beck’s series on radical Islam exposed? He showed clips from various Iranian TV shows. They would have disturbing soap operas about Jews who would capture Muslims and surgically steal their eyes (not kidding), cartoons about the glory of being a suicide bomber, etc. I suppose if that is the only side of the story that my government allowed to be broadcast, I’d start to believe it. It seems like one of the biggest red flags of a dangerous dictator is someone who has an iron fist on the media.

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  9. it is the right that hates america, not the left. why else would some rightists call on religion to “cleanse” an “evil” society, or appeal to hand guns to secure themselves against an evil government?

    ahmedinejad is many things, but dictator is not one of them.

    as for his comment on gays, he said iran does not have gays in the same way that we have here in america. he did not deny there were gay people. it is true that iran does not have gays in the same we as exist in the US — in fact, very few countries do. this mistranslation or misinterpretation is typical of the MSM and the rightists who work for it. as long as the person speaking is someone we hate, their thinking goes, there is no need to actually pay attention to what they are saying. it is just laziness.

  10. travis

    it is true that iran does not have gays in the same we as exist in the US

    do you mean the gays are not “out” in iran? if so, can you think why that might be?

    or do you think he is just talking about “queer eye for the straight guy” and HGTV in general?

    typical of the MSM and the rightists who work for it.

    rightists like keith olbermann? please view keith’s discussion of ahmadinejad’s “we don’t have this phenomenon” comment (around the halfway point of this video) and let me know if you would like to revise your thesis.