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Sep 19th 2006

ahmadinejad thinks we’re stupid

in his interview with time, the iranian president said all conflicts (but specifically the west’s concern that he is developing nuclear weapons) can be resolved peacefully:

TIME: You recently invited President Bush to a televised debate. If he were sitting where I am sitting, what would you say, man to man?

Ahmadinejad: The issues which are of interest to us are the international issues and how to manage them. I gave some recommendations to President Bush in my personal letter, and I hope that he will take note of them. I would ask him, Are rationalism, spirituality and humanitarianism and logic—are they bad things for human beings? Why more conflict? Why should we go for hostilities? Why should we develop weapons of mass destruction? Everybody can love one another.


TIME: Why do your supporters chant “Death to America”?

Ahmadinejad: When they chanted that slogan, it means they hate aggression, and they hate bullying tactics, and they hate violations of the rights of nations and discrimination. I recommended to President Bush that he can change his behavior, then everything will change.

anybody notice how this explanation makes no sense whatsoever? since they dislike aggression, why not chant “we dislike aggression!”? if they really only hate bullying tactics (not the USA), why not chant, “we hate bullying tactics!”? (also, it doesn’t help that when their brothers in arms, the palestinians, chant “death to america” they thrust automatic weapons into the air).

TIME: How do you think the American people feel when they hear Iranians shouting “Death to America” and the President of Iran does not criticize this?

Ahmadinejad: The nations do not have any problems. What is the role of the American people in what is happening in the world? The people of the United States are also seeking peace, love, friendship and justice….

then, in response to a question about a western military response to his nuclear defiance, ahmadinejad says:

I said that we need logic. We do not need attacks.

[source 1] [source 2]

“we do not need attacks.”

does he think we do not have newspapers reporting on what he says when he’s back in iran? does he really think we’re stupid? this man’s entire presidency has been focused on one thing:

calling for attacks on israel.

this is what i am left to conclude: his irrational, crybaby problem with israel can be solved with attacks. but the collective world’s concern over his nukes and frothing genocidal rhetoric should be addressed only with “peace, love, [and] friendship.”

this is the garbage that escapes mahmoud ahmadinejad’s cornhole when he’s not on US soil:

TEHRAN, Oct. 26 – Iran’s new hard-line president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, told a group of students at an anti-Israel event today that Israel must be “wiped off the map” and that attacks by Palestinians will destroy it, the Iranian student news agency, ISNA, reported. [source]

and this:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: I hereby declare that this sinister regime [Israel] is the banner of Satan. It is the banner of the Great Satan. All it does is to implement the orders of the criminal America and England. They think that the peoples are the same as they were 100 years ago. They are not aware that things have changed in the world. Today, all the peoples have awoken. The Iranian people is the standard-bearer of this awakening for all the peoples. As we can see, from the southernmost point in South America to the easternmost point in Asia, all the people are shouting a single cry. With placards in their hands and clenched fists, they shout: Death to Israel.

Crowd: Death to Israel.

Death to Israel.

[view the video]

ahmadinejad must think we’re really stupid.

7 Responses to “ahmadinejad thinks we’re stupid”

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  2. doug

    The guys scares me.

    He is getting tons of other thugs, like Hugo Chavez, behind him and his murderous regime. And he’s currently trying to destroy Israel and control Iraq.

    Speaking of Chavez…isn’t it ironic that the guys who rail against the U.S. for “meddling in the affairs of other nations” are the same ones who are the worst meddlers of all?

  3. doug

    From Little Hitler’s interview with Brian Williams:

    “They [the United States] speak of war so easily, as if it’s on their daily agenda. We never speak of war.”


    “We are against the atomic bomb,” he said. “We believe bombs are used only to kill people. And we are against killing people.”

    Unless those people are Jews, Americans, or Iraqis who don’t want Iran to run their country.

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