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Nov 27th 2006

Al Gore: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people…”

Al Gore - Hurricanes are caused by global warming

“…what? You thought I was talking about global warming?”

7 Responses to “Al Gore: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people…””

  1. steve

    Actually Doug you were the one that got pwned. Whatever that means. You were trying to use sarcasm to show that global warming isn’t occuring. You were handed your lunch with the El Nino argument. Whoops overlooked that one.

    Ryan’s comment was stupid because I never said that the connection between global warming and hurricanes has been determined. I do think that there is a likelihood though.

  2. steve, pwned is a computer gamer phrase that means “owned.” you can now say that you and bill o’reilly have something in common: you both got pwned in the same week.

  3. steve

    What are you guys asking me to own? I already told you that I have never said that increased hurricane intensity is proof positive for global warming. It is suggestive and needs to be studied.

    Doug, however, needs to own (pwned whatever) the fact that he was ignorant of the El Nino effect.

  4. then you have something in common with bill o’reilly AND doug (all getting pwned in the same week).

    do you really want that, steven?

  5. steve

    No as I mentioned above I don’t own anything because Doug and Ryan put those words in my mouth. That’s what I want.

  6. I just love it when I get to laugh over such nonsense, hehehe … pwned one and all. Amazing what you can read from a simple picture if you really put your mind to it, hahaha!

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