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Feb 21st 2008

Alfred Hitchcock – The Birds (trailer)

As Dr. Richard Kimball would say, sweetastic.


9 Responses to “Alfred Hitchcock – The Birds (trailer)”

  1. bnice

    what does this have to do with anything?

  2. doug


  3. bnice

    do you feel you have the right to author random postings because the name of the blog is “all-encompassingly”?

  4. doug

    Alfred Hitchcock ≠ random

  5. Why do people question posts on a blog?

  6. doug

    Two theories:

    1) bnice is jealous that we’ve updated this blog a few times since April 2007.


    2) Pasha is now computer literate, but can only visit bookmarked sites.


  7. bnice

    did you have to bring pasha into this? i would rather have an atrophic blog than one with The Birds trailer without any explanation.

  8. But you’re drawn to “The Birds trailer” post all the same!! 3 of the 7 comments are yours.

    The conflict within reveals itself!

  9. bnice586

    ryan, you clearly have a conflict of interest in this matter. please withdraw.