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Mar 21st 2007

america voted: mel gibson rightly earned rehab with remarks


mel gibson has won our poll, at right, asking which public figure’s comments were most deserving of rehab. it seems many people, myself included, could not separate the booze from the remarks, so mel won. most of the others on the infamous list made their remarks while completely sober (though john f. kerry appeared to be under the influence of sour grapes).

i now present to you the american idol version of the poll results. imagine ryan seacrest reading this:

mel. you sang: “i hate jews!”
randy said: “it was just aight fa me dawg”
paula said: “keep reaching for the stars”
simon said: “you sounded like a drunk dad at a wedding”
america voted.

mel, the journey ends tonight.

watch for the next poll, coming soon.

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