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Nov 2nd 2008

America will not end on Tuesday night

Despite what the Right and Left are saying about the consequences of their guy not winning, I’m optimistic about the future of our country and the world as a whole.

Yes, President Obama would be a serious setback for free markets, would revert to a law enforcement approach in fighting terrorism (that worked well in the 90’s!) and would decimate the federal courts.

And yeah, President McCain would be a disaster on immigration reform, would further limit political speech, and (just like Obama) would do more harm than good vis-a-vis the economy.

Nevertheless, America will survive.

We’ve survived recessions, depressions, world wars, a civil war, invasions, terrorist attacks abroad, terrorist attacks here at home, Nazis, Communists, and well, I could go on for a long time. America is not only a great country, it is a special one. As a friend of mine remarked, “if people are still lashing together make-shift rafts and risking their lives to come here, we’re not doing so bad.”

On Tuesday night around half of us will inevitably be disappointed. When our preferred candidate doesn’t win, don’t worry. America will not end.

3 Responses to “America will not end on Tuesday night”

  1. Deon

    Thanks for putting things in perspective.

  2. N Chung

    Our economy is so resilient it can take just about anything and rebound.

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