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Mar 12th 2006

AUDIO: jay bennish “teaching” geography

audio as recorded by student sean allen. bennnish, on the today show, claimed he was merely presenting a different perspective to challenge the students. listen for yourself and see if you agree.

5 Responses to “AUDIO: jay bennish “teaching” geography”

  1. Tiffany

    Am I in danger living in North Carolina and attending a school founded with tobacco money?

  2. Ryan

    I wish I had been as proactive at challenging teachers back in 10th grade. But I never had anyone that crazy with baseless and factless tirades.

  3. doug

    Heh. I especially loved his call for the Peruvian-Bolivian-Columbian invasion of North Carolina. Death to the heart of ACC basketball!

    And then he predicts that Mexico and the U.S. are going to make war because Mexican soccer hooligans don’t like Landon Donovan.

    It’s interesting that leftist teachers who spout their opinions always cloak it as “a different perspective to challenge the students.” Why are they so ashamed to claim them as their own? Hmmm…

  4. Tiffany

    Doug, I am glad you are willing to admit that North Carolina is the heart of ACC basketball. It’s where all the best games are played and where the true rivalry is. Go Duke!

  5. Maggie


    I’m not sure how “cloaking” opinions as “a different perspective to challenge the students” is mutually exclusive with “claiming [the opinions] as their own.”

    I’m not referring to the specific example referenced in this post, but to “leftist teachers” in general, since that’s who you seem to be stereotyping as “always” “cloaking.”