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Feb 19th 2005

AUDIO: napoleon dynamite soundboard featuring napoleon and pedro quotes

hear your favorite napoleon dynamite quotes in soundbyte audio form at there’s a napoleon dynamite soundboard and a pedro sanchez soundboard.

tip of the hat to mason.

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6 Responses to “AUDIO: napoleon dynamite soundboard featuring napoleon and pedro quotes”

  1. here are some other soundboards:

  2. isabel

    i love napoleon dynamite it rocks!

  3. rachel

    omg i love ur site but u should add more words like ur ugly, u dont got no date 4 homecoming so stop looken at mine….gosh…………and stop acting like ur hot cuz ur not …u idoit…..
    so please add 2 ur site the soundboard
    amanda and rachel

  4. Melissa

    Misty Voter says hi Napoleon!

  5. what do you think we should do today napoleon

  6. Pedro's cousins with the sweet hook up

    What about Pedro’s speech, I loved it when he said the school could use some santos in the hallways…el Nino de Atocho I think he says, no?