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Jan 23rd 2008

Bad news on retroactive immunity.

It does not look good.

Although Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) himself opposes retroactive immunity, he struck a deal with the two committee chairmen to hold a vote first on the intelligence committee’s version, and then have a vote on Leahy’s version as an amendment. Civil liberty advocates say that move slants the debate in favor of a bill with immunity.

Don’t the Republicans see the double-whammy from this telecom immunity?

It excuses the past illegal behavior, but it also encourages similar behavior in the future since the telecoms know they can just get retroactive immunity…again.

[editor: Hmmm, now that sounds a lot like the conservative argument against blanket amnesty for illegal immigration, no?]

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  1. Started a thread on get satisfaction, and thinking about going to the BBB.

    Nice blog!