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Jan 11th 2007

Barry Bonds: My teammate gave me the drug! I’m Innocent!

From the NY Daily News (hat tip – Drudge):

Barry Bonds, already under investigation for lying under oath about his steroid use, failed a test under Major League Baseball’s amphetamine policy last season and then initially blamed it on a teammate, the Daily News has learned.

I guess that is what you have to do once you’ve used the old standby, “What!?!? Steroids!?!? I thought that stuff was flax seed oil and arthritic rubbing balm!”

Update: There is a great article at Yahoo Sports about this. It begins:

Barry Bonds has been victimized again, and you can imagine his disgust.

One more burden to drag along on the way to Aaron. One more question to answer, or evade. One more bullet for the misguided, the suspicious, the haters.

Surely, he can’t believe this keeps happening to him.

People he knows, people he trusts, just keep handing him stuff, or leaving it around, and he does what any grown man would do. He puts it in his mouth or rubs it on himself. Then somebody goes and blabs about it.

One Response to “Barry Bonds: My teammate gave me the drug! I’m Innocent!”

  1. Jesus Ortega

    Barry Bonds is guilty.
    How could you not know what your takin given by your trainer