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Oct 27th 2008

Because the word “redistributive” is too big for a campaign slogan…

Redistributive Change We Can Believe In™

Bill Dyer over at Hugh Hewitt’s blog on the “recently discovered” audio of Obama talking about redistributive change:

Even back in 2001, Barack Obama was already focused on building a “coalition of power” in the executive and legislative branches that could indeed bring about a national redistribution of wealth which even the most activist courts couldn’t achieve on their own.

It’s a long analysis of the audio clip.

Dyer’s conclusion:

My first concern, upon listening to the five-minute excerpt, was that it might have taken Obama’s statements out of context. But I’ve listened to the entire hour. It’s the sort of thing that probably bored 99% of even a PBS audience, including a large number of lawyers. But whoever edited down the excerpt didn’t take anything directly out of context except, arguably, for the concluding sentence, which cuts off in the middle.

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