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Mar 16th 2009

Beckham Lied, Kids’ Dreams Died

I loved watching this video. It is about 10 minutes long and filled with question after question that exposes goldenballs’ faulty logic, disingenuousness, and lack of commitment to keep his word.

In case the video becomes unavailable, here is a transcript:

Hannah Storm: David, you hurt your right ankle and how is it? Will you be able to play in the next game against Siena?
David Beckham: Yeah, I twisted it yesterday [Wednesday] but it’s a lot better today and the swelling’s gone down. I still probably won’t train in the next day or two but I should be okay for the weekend so it’s all good.

HS: It was announced last Sunday that you will remain with AC Milan until June 30. What was your thinking and what went into those negotiations?
DB: It’s obviously something that I’ve thought about a lot because I’m very committed to the MLS and to the Galaxy but looking to 2010 and the World Cup with England I knew I had to play at the highest level and I knew I had to play in Europe so I wanted to extend my loan deal with Milan. Tim Lewicke (Galaxy’s chief executive) and the Galaxy did everything possible to make that happen for me and it’s worked out well. I’ll finish the season here and then have four weeks holiday and then play for the Galaxy on July 18 in New York. I’m looking forward to that because it gives me time to enjoy the football here and go back to the States and join the Galaxy.

HS: David there are reports that you partially funded your stay to extend your loan with AC Milan. What sort of financial commitment did you make?
DB: There was a commitment I had to make and it’s something I didn’t think twice about because at the end of the day my career’s never been about the financial side or the money side. I’ve always been solely interested in the football. People may turn around and say it’s easy for me to say because the money’s always been there, but I think all through my career all I’ve cared about it is football and where I play my football.

HS: Nonetheless this is a move that’s hugely upset some of your fans here in the US. Alexi Lalas predicted you may get booed when you come back to play in the MLS, what do you have to say to your supporters?
DB: I think 95%of the Galaxy fans have been, and will be, incredible to me. I’m sure I’ll have criticism and I understand that but I want my fans to realize I’m still committed to the Galaxy. I am still committed to the MLS and being an ambassador, but like I said there will be criticism. It’s a shame certain people come out like that, but at the end of the day I’m bigger than that. I can only make my turnaround by the way I perform on the pitch and my commitment to the team and I’ll show that when I get back. We’ll have to wait and see the first time I play at the Home Depot and see how that goes.

HS: David, you said in order to be chosen for the England national team you have to play at the highest level. What does that say about the level of play in the US?
DB: It says it’s not a level at the moment that’s the same as in Europe, but that’s one of the reasons I want to be involved in the MLS going forward because I believe it will get bigger. I wouldn’t have committed myself to the Galaxy as an MLS ambassador if I didn’t believe the sport would grow and I’ve always said it’s not going to take a year or two, it’s going to take five, 10 or 15 years and I’m still committed to that. I’ve got the chance to own a franchise at the end of my playing career and I plan on doing that and that shows my commitment and belief in the sport in America.

HS: When you came to the Galaxy David, and this was your quote, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I could make a difference.” What sort of difference have you made?
DB: I think off the pitch the statistics speak for themselves. The interest in the game and the attendances have gone up. I think that side of it has been great and I think hopefully that it will continue to happen. On the field it has been a different story. I think it’s not just down to the players and it’s down to other people.

I’m not saying Tim Leiweke because I think Tim Leiweke has been incredible. He always wants the best for the team, the best for the organization, the best for the club and his support has always been there. I think at the end of the day there have been a lot of things that happened and you move on. Of course the Galaxy need to get better on the pitch and we will. With Bruce Arena now, we’ve got a good coach that will take us forward. He knows the league, knows the players. We’ve got some good players which have been drafted in which is exciting as well. Things need to get better on the field and that’s the only way to succeed with the Galaxy. On the MLS side I think we’ve had success so far and I hope that continues.

HS: You have two years left on your contract with the Galaxy. What are the prospects that you opt out of those final two years?
DB: At the moment I’m contracted to the Galaxy and I’m committed, but like I said leading up to 2010 everybody knows I need to play football at the highest level. Still, I’m committed to the Galaxy.

HS: But it sounds like there’s definitely a chance you may opt out given what transpires regarding the World Cup?
DB: I think leading up to the World Cup I need to play in Europe to give myself a chance of being involved. After then we’ll see, but I plan on going back to America. My family’s happy there. My wife is happy there, my children are settled in at school.

HS: Looking ahead to September there are several conflicts between MLS games and England World Cup qualifiers. Will you be playing for LA or England?
DB: Tim Leiweke and the Galaxy have been supportive of me playing for my country. They know how important it is for me to play for my country, so that will continue to happen but I’ll play in every game possible and I’ll be flying back and forth.

HS: So you’ll be bouncing back between continents. How do you think that will effect your level of play?
DB: Well, I’ve done it for the last two years so nothing changes. I’ve been flying back for Galaxy games so I’ve proved I can handle that to a certain extent and hopefully that’ll continue.

HS: How much longer do you plan on playing and do you see the 2010 as the finale to your career?
DB: No, I just want to make that squad for 2010 and who knows what will happen after that. I still believe I’ve got a few good years left in my body and I’ve enjoyed every game I’ve been involved in with Milan. I’ve started every game which surprised me but now I’m just enjoying being involved and hopefully I’ll be playing for a few years now.

HS: You mentioned that at some point that you would like to own an MLS team, what would you do as an owner to prevent this kind of situation from happening again, where a franchise player opts not to play in your league?
DB: I think at the end of the day I have got the chance to own a franchise at the end of my career and I fully hope that I will be doing that. So that’s something that I’m excited about. This situation, it happens in football. Situations like this happen at Manchester United, it happens at the biggest clubs in the world and you move on and you make it work. I’ve already said that I will be going back to the Galaxy and I am committed to the Galaxy and my team-mates there, but at the moment I need to be playing my football here.

HS: And personally do you consider your time in LA from every vantage point a success or a failure?

DB: On the pitch it has not been very successful because we haven’t made the playoffs in the last two years. That’s been disappointing, but on every other level it’s been an incredible experience and one that I’ve really enjoyed so far.

My reaction to goldenballs’ remarks: First, we are going to boo you. Second, your tired references to your “commitment” to the Galaxy are meaningless, both by definition and by the actions you say evidence your “commitment.” Of course you have made a “commitment” to MLS and the Galaxy! A commitment is merely “a pledge or promise to do a certain act.” Therefore, all of your statements are technically true: You are, at this moment, expressing yet another promise to us in America and fans of MLS that you are committed to us. And what we are all saying, is: Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.

You have played just one full season in MLS out of a 5-year contract and you are now trying to get out of it. This does not show your commitment to us. Instead, you are committed to being here as long as your MLS games don’t conflict with your AC Milan games, your England national team games, or your stuffed underwear photo shoots.

I have to give major props to Hannah Storm. You could see Goldenballs squirming more and more with each piercing question.

My moral compass forbids me to support Goldenballs any more. I encourage everyone else to avoid the Beckham brand. He is a shameless fraud and I would still like to inquire about a refund for my Beckham Galaxy jersey.

4 Responses to “Beckham Lied, Kids’ Dreams Died”

  1. doug

    Travis, I think you should podcast this blog post in a soft, high-pitched voice.

  2. bnice

    i will give you $20 for the jersey.

  3. travis

    ok, you’ve got a deal. but watch the video first and then make sure you really want it. particularly pay attention to how he answers the question about being booed. ask yourself if you really want to associate yourself with such a person as goldenballs.

  4. bnice

    me=95% of fans, you=5%