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Aug 28th 2008

Before Obama Drank the Kool-aid

Wait for it, it’s the last sound bite.

2 Responses to “Before Obama Drank the Kool-aid”

  1. Are these videos the bombshells McCain has been referring to?

    Man. It’s like the MSM hasn’t been embarassing Obama about these yet and McCain just turned the temperature up in the oven. Can you imagine the debates? McCain can bash Obama simply for refusing to debate prior to the fall.

    It’s gonna be crazy.

    Amazing how (as I heard a pundit put it) this election might become a referendum on Barack Obama instead of on George Bush.

    I can understand why the Democrats rejected Hillary Clinton, she’s a known (and unwanted commodity in many quarters), but to nominate someone with so many targets on himself…really raises the eyebrows.

  2. Al

    Very interesting indeed. I have been listening to NPR a lot, which of course is always fun with the bias, but the buzz on these types of questions seems to be very slow.