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Sep 29th 2006

bottom quote of the day

in an article discussing how illegal immigrants in north carolina feel “hunted” because some police departments are enforcing US immigration laws inside the border, one latino leader is quoted as saying:

“It’s tense, very tense,” said Angeles Ortega-Moore, director of the Latin American Coalition in Charlotte. “It used to be everybody here loved the Latinos. They would say, ‘We like you more than the blacks.’ Now we’re like the Big Bad Wolf.”

you’re better than black people? well, why didn’t you say so? you can stay!

the whole article is recommended, especially page 3

6 Responses to “bottom quote of the day”

  1. doug

    If nothing else, the illegal immigration debate has led to some creative sloganeering.

    First, there was No Illegals = No Burritos, and now “We’re more likable than the blacks.”

  2. Borat

    I was up late one night and really enjoyed listening to Newt Gingrich talk about it.

    Warning: rather long.

  3. Ryan

    Oops…I posted that.

    (And I am Borat in disguise)

  4. John

    “you’re better than black people? well, why didn’t you say so? you can stay!”

    Now it looks like Travis needs a lesson or two in reading comprehension. The latino Director quoted in your post stated:

    “They would say, ‘We like you more than the blacks.’”

    Who are the ‘they’ claiming the latinos are “better than black people.” Not Ortega-Moore (as Travis seems to glibly imply), but “everybody here.” And we can logically exclude latinos and blacks from that everybody, leaving good old white North Carolinans.

  5. yes, here is another example of the insidious right-wing attack machine at work. not only did i hide the exact quotation in question cleverly (or maybe glibly?) right in the middle of my post, but then john sleuthed around until he found the evidence and exposed me for what i am: a racist blogger who can’t even read.


    john, i don’t care if angeles ortega-moore is making it up that many people told her they prefer the hispanic race to the black race. i don’t care if some toothless white hicks from north carolina who couldn’t place guatemala on a map told her they like people with brown skin better than people whose skin is black.

    number one, the statement she quoted is twisted and racist. did you get upset when bill bennett suggested the hypothetical scenario of aborting black babies to reduce crime? (of course you did). why don’t you mind that some white people are ranking the minority races in this country, and that activists are latching onto this racism in defense of their cause?

    did you get upset when pope benedict quoted somebody from the 15th century who said islam is a violent, destructive religion? (of course you did. even though they were clearly not his own words, if you disagree that islam is a violent religion, then you probably think anyone quoting someone who says it is must be as misguided as the person he quotes). why don’t you mind that ortega-moore is quoting idiotic, racist statements?

    number two, the statement, even if true, is not a reason to open america’s borders to everyone who wants to come here in contravention of our laws. so the fact that ms. ortega-moore decided to use the logic of some racist redneck, perhaps her husband, mr. moore) to justify illegal immigration is what made her statement the bottom quote of the september 29th.

    that you understood my post to “glibly imply” anything about the attribution of the original quotation makes your comment the bottom quote of october 3rd.


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