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May 27th 2015

Brian J. Fielding, I know who you are and I will take you down.

Most readers of this blog are probably completely unaware that we have had a certifiably crazy psychopath stalking us since 2007 or so. It apparently arose over an ideological disagreement. We have had thousands of arguments — even extremely heated ones — on this website. Everyone was able to cope with disagreement in a more or less healthy and socially acceptable way.

Except one Brian Fielding.

He initially started leaving comments on this website discussing his lunatic homosexual fantasies he wanted to act out on us. He escalated by looking up personal information about us and referencing our family members, coworkers, places of worship, places of residence, and other personal information and activities in a threatening manner. He has called my workplaces several times and left his crazed, perverted rants in my offices’ general voicemail boxes. He has sent absurd emails. He is generally a useless human being.

But just like the cop shows I watch, eventually the demented perp gets careless. Brian Fielding, I know who you are. I know all about you. By all means, keep up your obsession as the evidence continues to mount against you.

But be advised: Beginning at this moment and going into the future until the world ends, each and every time you contact me or anyone connected with me, I will post more information about you on this website. By continuing on your current course of stalking and harassment, everyone will soon learn where you live, where you work, where you went to school, your phone number and email address, and your perverted sexual fetishes. Then after I have published everything about you here, I will send it to the police.

Independent of all of that, we reserve all rights and do not waive any of them herein, including the right to file a civil action against you for damages.

Govern yourself accordingly.

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