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Aug 16th 2007

brilliant beckham


in his first start in a galaxy uniform, the midfielder registered a goal and an assist in LA’s superliga semifinal win over DC united.


Beckham scored the Galaxy’s first goal with a stunning free kick midway through the first half, then set Landon Donovan free behind the United defense for a breakaway goal early in the second, before leaving the field just after the hour mark. [source]

galaxy face off against pachuca, a team they beat last month, in the superliga final in two weeks. $1 million is on the line.

update: fans have uploaded several worthy videos to youtube. an annotated list follows.

beckham’s goal, from the stands:

another angle:

the best angle yet:

donovan’s goal, assisted by beckham, with english-language commentary:

telefutura interview and english-language highlights of both goals:

3 Responses to “brilliant beckham”

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  2. briant

    i watched this on telefutura and i still cannot believe it. i was sitting there watching and thinking “surely he won’t put his first free kick in…” some funny things i noticed about the goal: 1) dc united’s keeper went the wrong way, saw the ball bend, and then just froze, 2) after the goal, i heard more girl screams than boy screams, and 3) flash bulbs galore before the free kick. i think this is great for soccer in the US. he has performed thus far. just look at highlights from the game vs. red bull on saturday: over 66,000, 3 assists for becks. (

  3. bnice

    …however, his hair has left something left to be desired. i am still hoping for another bleached mohawk.