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Aug 31st 2006

bush: “we will {{flush}} the chocolate city”

George Bush’s speech marking the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was interrupted for CNN viewers when one of the network’s presenters forgot a cardinal rule of broadcast journalism – turn your microphone off when you go to the toilet.
It was one of the main morning anchorwomen, Kyra Phillips, gossiping with a friend about men and families. Her clip-on microphone had been left on in what appeared to be a toilet, judging by the ambient sounds of running water and zips being opened and closed. [source]

now, get a load of this awkward political jab from the guardian reporter, comprising the final paragraph of the article:

CNN issued an apology for the gaffe, which it described as “audio difficulties”. The incident will provide fodder for CNN’s rightwing critics, however, who believe it to be a hotbed of radical liberalism. (my italics)

ah, yes. i have excellent politically-motivated fodder now. hmm….CNN anchors use the bathroom. therefore, they are commies. er, wait….CNN anchors have small bladders, ergo they are in cahoots with um….CNN anchors gossip about their sisters-in-law, consequently they must be left-wing nutjobs.


as a quote-unquote rightwing critic myself, i have to say this embarrassing moment did not quite expose CNN as the liberal organization that i immediately envisioned when i heard kyra phillips’ toilet flush. but thanks for the tip, anyway, guardian unlimited — and great name for a newspaper, by the way.

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  • 2 Responses to “bush: “we will {{flush}} the chocolate city””

    1. doug

      You’d think that the control room could just mute her mic. But no, they have to send someone into the ladies room to let her know that her mic’s on. Weird…and funny.

      And, as you pointed out, we finally have confirmation of our worst fears: liberals not only use the bathroom, but have small bladders, thus forcing us normal-sized-bladder folk to subsidize their frequent restroom visits in public places. Next time I’m in a restaurant I’m telling my server that I expect to pay less…since I don’t have a “radically liberal bladder”.

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