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Jul 16th 2007

Buying a Kodak Z885 at Circuit City

Kodak Z885I had a supremely pleasant experience buying a budget digital camera at Circuit City on Saturday.

Normally I am loathe to buy electronics at retail stores because the customer service is…well…not actually customer service. So, I was surprised at the great service I got at Circuit City this past weekend. I walked in and walked out within 10-15 minutes with the purchase in-hand.

On top of it all, the cashier gave me an extra discount because of a price discrepancy between the online and store prices.

Kudos Circuit City!

3 Responses to “Buying a Kodak Z885 at Circuit City”

  1. travis

    doug, i think i speak for everyone when i say, if “recent shopping experience” and “package tracking” entries are the future of your blogging, we would prefer to return to the good old days when your vice was authoring gender-ambiguous recipe posts.

  2. escapist


    I’m looking to buy the Kodak Z885 and I see brand new ones on sale at ebay for the buy-it-now price of $140 including shipping. This is the cheapest I could find. Are there any better deals?

    escapist adventurer

  3. doug

    I would just keep an eye on great deals sites like