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Feb 21st 2005

BYU Basketball : The Saga Continues

Another addition to the sad string of BYU basketball news this year:

AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. (AP) — For more than 10 1/2 strange and painful minutes, the string of futility played out. Layups, 3-pointers, free throws — Brigham Young couldn’t get anything to drop.

The result was a 19-0 deficit on the way to a 70-39 loss to Air Force on Monday night, an unmistakable low point to a season that has been full of them for the struggling Cougars.

In other words, there were 9 1/2 minutes left in the first half before BYU scored any points.


On a brighter note, BYU was able to raise enough money to construct a state-of-the-art facility for our favorite student athletes!

5 Responses to “BYU Basketball : The Saga Continues”

  1. katie

    Hey, let’s force the coach to resign like we did to poor Gary Crowton. Then we’ll automatically get better or something.

  2. “Grand jury charges 4 former BYU football players with rape, forcible sodomy; two others face lesser charges”

    See what happens when you take away polygamy as an option.

  3. Is it such a surprise when it is common knowledge that the school turns a blind eye when something is amiss with the football team. It’s always been about the money they bring in. There has always been a double standard, one for the football team and one for everybody else.

  4. travis

    “See what happens when you take away polygamy as an option.”

    actually, most or all of them are imported gentile thugs; it has nothing to do with polygamy, lots to do with much of america’s youth being hooked on pornography. kudos to you, nancy, for hitting the nail on the head yet again.

  5. tiffany

    Too bad you don’t go to a school that is usually in the top 10….
    Go Blue Devils!