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Sep 19th 2009

BYU Football = US Soccer

Flashes of brilliance followed by habitual disappointment.

I have come to accept that neither are elite teams, nor will be in the near future.

8 Responses to “BYU Football = US Soccer”

  1. bnice

    i have come to accept that you have no hope or loyalty.

  2. doug

    loyalty ≠ being unrealistic

  3. Ryan

    bnice, I was really excited for the Cougars this year. But as always, they disappoint with a loss, or two, or three.

    I don’t mind the loss so much as I buy into the hope that they’ll go undefeated each year. After a while, I feel betrayed. 😛

    Losing 54-28 at home is not only a devastating loss, its flat out embarrassing. I think BYU football has been overrated for the past couple of years.

  4. bnice


    overrated? they beat OK this season, had a 18 home game win streak, and have gone 10-3 and 11-2 the past two seasons. doug is right about inconsistent, but if you want overrated, look at USC, Notre Dame, etc.

    do you know how many teams have gone undefeated…ever? are you betrayed because BYU promised you it would win every game?

    all sports involve losing and sticking with your team even when they are 10-3.

    doug, i also meant to mention that you have no patriotism either.

  5. Ryan

    Overrated. Yes. Ranked #7, in the top 10 last year as well. Soon as we face off against a decent team, lopsided implosion. We’re not talking a close game that BYU loses, we’re talking HUGE margins of 3-4 touchdowns. We beat Oklahoma, so why couldn’t we handle FSU? Inconsistency.

    18 game home win streak. In the MWC? About as impressive as BYU basketball’s Marriott Center bragging.

    The smile after the “betrayed” comment was meant to infer sarcasm. Yes, we beat Oklahoma. So awesome. What happened to the team that beat them?

    Being 10-3 and sticking with your team is only so fun when the 10 teams you beat are either from a non-BCS conference or mediocre BCS schools. BYU has such an opportunity this year with Oklahoma, but couldn’t make it happen against FSU.

    If Mendenhall and company are going to talk about a return to the “elite” of college football, you have to take care of business, or at least make it close. Getting destroyed at home like that is worthy of criticism.

  6. bnice

    did you have to bring b-ball into this? are you complaining that BYU’s failure to make it past the second round of the NCAA tournament has destroyed all hope?

    peronsally, i blame the new turf
    …and the horrible no call on the FSU pick-6 at the beginning of the 3rd qtr. Don’t get mad at the Y for being a mortal team…unlike Argentina’a amazing soccer team.

  7. Ryan

    BYU basketball, like all NCAA basketball, is only viewed by myself when I come across it. I don’t watch it…just not a sport I’m as interested in. Even so, mention of the home record has reached my ears time and time again….and I just have to chuckle to think that some think it is a legitimate thing to boast about. BYU football’s home record was equally weak…that’s all. 2-3 good years of playing at home doesn’t wipe away losses on the road or the fact that teams we played at home weren’t truly powerful teams.

    BYU does have a good team, but as I noted on another blog, it is one of many, many good programs that all want a piece of the action at the top. Maybe it’ll get there sometime. A loss out of the top 10 is embarrassing, but it is certainly assuaged with Cal’s loss and some of the other top 10 teams that have already lost this season in big upsets. Perhaps BYU isn’t so bad after all. My experience there since my mission has just been so “perfect season” focused on getting into a BCS game.

    Bizarre to hear that about the field. Maybe it is a first year thing like they say…? I thought the field sucked before they replaced it. Now it sounds like it sucks even more.

    Agree about the no call. All the Versus commentators could say about it was, “that’s interesting.” They couldn’t believe the officials didn’t see it. That was definitely a momentum nail in the coffin.

  8. Ryan

    Losing 54-28 at home is not only a devastating loss, its flat out embarrassing. I think BYU football has been overrated for the past couple of years.

    38-7 against TCU at home.

    Offense/defense/play calling fail.