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Oct 7th 2007

BYU icecats now official BYU cougars


here is an excerpt from an email i thought i would never get:

The BYU hockey team has recently received official recognition by BYU. The hockey season is upon us, with our first game on Oct 12 at 8:30 p.m. at the Peaks Arena. You can see the game schedule, roster and latest BYU Hockey news at

BYU newsnet story is here.

previously, the BYU hockey team had been barred by the university from using its trademarks. the team was called the “provo icecats” until this announcement. even without university support (or even acknowledgment), the team was a bigger draw than all but a handful of the official BYU sports.

anyway, given the likelihood of this announcement, presumably there are pigs getting their wings de-iced in hell as i write this. [in case it is unclear, i am implying that pigs are flying and that hell has frozen over simultaneously….well, and also that there are airport ground crews in hell spraying glycol mixtures onto the leading edges of pigs’ wings with big hoses]


congratulations, guys. now, how much will it cost to get my hands on one of those sweet practice jerseys?

4 Responses to “BYU icecats now official BYU cougars”

  1. Dr. Richard Kimball

    Congrats to the team. I’ll be at at least a couple games this season. Good luck to ’em!

  2. bnice586

    great news. i never thought i would see this day either. will cosmo be attending the games now? can he skate?

  3. doug


  4. N Chung

    so from what I gather from the article they’re gonna be just like the men’s soccer team?

    and is Danny Damron the same person as the political science professor? I can imagine what that Mainer would be doing since he fell short of tenure.