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May 5th 2009

“Can you get this tape over to Obama? Why, sir? Why?”

2 Responses to ““Can you get this tape over to Obama? Why, sir? Why?””

  1. Interesting.

    And all this from the President and his Education Secretary that want to lengthen the current school year. Because (as we all know!) that is what is holding our kids back. They’re not spending enough time in public school!

  2. doug

    What these ignorant parents don’t understand is that they’re hurting the public schools and stealing money from other poor kids… Oh wait, they’re not. This program took no money from DC schools.

    This is all about Obama & Dems doing whatever the NEA wants. Not very complicated.

    Really a sad story. I imagine that the woman who voted for Obama since he was going to pay her mortgage is having similar buyer’s remorse.