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May 27th 2015

Brian J. Fielding, I know who you are and I will take you down.

Most readers of this blog are probably completely unaware that we have had a certifiably crazy psychopath stalking us since 2007 or so. It apparently arose over an ideological disagreement. We have had thousands of arguments — even extremely heated ones — on this website. Everyone was able to cope with disagreement in a more […]

Oct 20th 2014

Video about Mormon Underwear and Temple Clothing

From the YouTube description:
From ancient times, men and women have embraced sacred music, different forms of prayer, religious vestments full of symbolism, gestures and rituals to express their innermost feelings of devotion to God.
The variety of these forms of expression is as wide and diverse as the human family. Yet all have the same ultimate […]

Oct 17th 2014

Maybe Ebola is nothing. But acting like it’s nothing is irresponsible.

It would be great to have the United States government taking every precaution for its citizens, instead of declining to take basic safety precautions and telling its citizens to just calm down.
A Dallas healthcare worker who treated Thomas Duncan (the guy who died from Ebola in Texas) flew commercially to Cleveland and back with […]

Jul 21st 2014

Are Churches “Fake” Charities?

Jon Huntsman Sr. has given away about $1.5 billion to worthy causes – about 80% of his total wealth. He is also spending $200 million building Huntsman Springs, a golf resort and nature reserve in Idaho that will donate all proceeds of real estate sold to his family’s charitable foundation. But neither of these totals […]

Jul 18th 2014

Dennis Prager Explains the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Jul 9th 2014

I figured out why the Peggy Joseph video bothers me.

I know this is old, but I was reflecting on the iconic Peggy Joseph video once again recently and something really bothers me about it.

She seems like she is about to say something that will be poignant and inspiring. She begins by saying it was a touching moment and she never thought she would […]

Jun 18th 2014

Do I live in ‘US America’ or ‘US Weekly’*?

Originally written November 7, 2012. Previously unpublished.
I wrote this the day after the 2012 presidential election. Like one of those angry emails you’re supposed to sleep on, I didn’t post it, thinking I might reconsider. I haven’t. Eighteen months later, recalling Mitt’s loss still makes me shake my head.
*(US Weekly is a celebrity gossip […]

Jun 10th 2014

Gun Control and Second Amendment Sarcasm

Here are a bunch of previously unpublished, semi-disjointed thoughts on the comical overreach of gun control efforts in early 2013.

Below I mock (1) the proposed concept of only protecting constitutional rights everyone unanimously agrees that we “need” and (2) the idea that we should do everything, no matter the cost, if it could “save […]

Jun 3rd 2014

Barack Obama’s reelection despite the worst economy since the Great Depression — explained

Could fiscal cluelessness like this have something to do with it?
“I’m at the breaking point,” said Gretchen Gardner, an Austin artist who bought a 1930s bungalow in the Bouldin neighborhood just south of downtown in 1991 and has watched her property tax bill soar to $8,500 this year.
“It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes,” […]

Dec 1st 2013

Does the LDS Church preach mercy, forgiveness, and love?

People believe a lot of untruths about the LDS Church. Some people actually think, for example, that Mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ. Of course, that reveals a lack of any serious inquiry: The very first thing on the signs outside LDS chapels is the full name of the Church, The Church of Jesus […]