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May 5th 2009

Cheney’s “No Bid Contracts” Problem

Wasn’t anything of the sort:

Instead of being a no-bid paradise at KBR, the records show that KBR had full competition for over 87% of their work between 2000 and 2008, which totaled $31 billion. Forty percent of the non-compete work came in one year alone, 2004, when KBR got Army contracts related to the war in Iraq, and still 83% of their work came from full competition in that year. Also, in the final year of the Clinton administration — in which Cheney obviously had no role — KBR got 11% of its revenue through no-bid contracts, at about the same level as the overall pace during the Bush years.

In comparison, Murtech got 100% of its contracts from no-bid situations. And overall, the DoD favors no-bid contracts over competitive bids. During the 2000-2008 period, almost 58% of all Pentagon contracts came from no-bid type contracts. Only 34.5% of all its contracts during that time were awarded through competitive bidding.

Ed Morrissey

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