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Nov 28th 2006

christmas wreath peace sign banned


[the homeowner] said she put up the wreath to honor the biblical call for peace and goodwill toward men.

nice try, hippy. wreaths and other christmas stuff already symbolize the biblical call for peace and good will toward men without being formed into an overtly political symbol.

defending his decision to ban the peace sign-shaped wreath, loma lynda homeowners’ association president bob kearns said:

Somebody could put up signs that say, ‘Drop bombs on Iraq.’ If you let one go up you have to let them all go up.

source: abc7news: HOA Bans Christmas Wreath With Peace Sign

3 Responses to “christmas wreath peace sign banned”

  1. heh, looks like peace has the last laugh

    Go hippies!!! 😉

  2. Why anyone would care about a peace wreath is beyond me. Then again, I live in the Bay Area where such expressions raise nary an eyebrow…

  3. I’m going to check into getting these made – I bet they sell as well as fake pot plants