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Dec 10th 2003

clinton endorses dean over clinton in 2008

lieberman, left, and dean, far, far left

this week, al gore officially endorsed howard dean for president, surprising those who assumed he would support joseph lieberman, a former running mate of his.

UPDATE: scott ott compares the switch to the biblical story of jacob and esau. [link]

now, in yet another twist to the democratic party soap opera, former president bill clinton has pre-emptively announced his support for howard dean in the 2008 election, even if his wife, hillary, runs for president, too.

when asked how he could endorse any candidate over his own wife, clinton replied,

well, we actually aren’t that close. i haven’t really spoken to her since…well, you know, that stuff that never happened. last time i saw her, she couldn’t breathe, gasping for air. i told her i needed a beer and took off for monica’s house. we haven’t spoken since.

so, yeah. we ain’t even that close. i figure if two people as close as al and joe can go different ways, so can hillary and i.

i really like howard dean’s foreign policy ideas! he’s made some major advances since the clintonian renaissance, when we used to rule the world by lobbing missles at tents and caves. he’s going to clean up the whole mess bush has created with the reasonable islamic activists by just giving in to their demands peacefully. what cutting-edge policy!

on the phone from their top-secret headquarters at the greenbriar hotel in west virginia, the “hillary-2008!” campaign had no comment on her husband’s endorsement, except to say,

hillary has no intention of running for president in 2008, unless, of course, she’d have the power to pass an anti-sodomy law in the zip code where bill is living.

the us supreme court has agreed to look into the matter for ms. clinton.


2 Responses to “clinton endorses dean over clinton in 2008”

  1. Al

    So if Lieberman all of the sudden isn’t good enough, why did Gore run with him? What does that say about the democtratic hopefuls? Seems to me like there are so many “candidates” that there can be no one great “candidate.” If there were such a thing, then he/she/it should have controlled the party by now. Not to mention they will have to run against a war-time president. Poor guys…

  2. Doug

    As expected, there was a lot of criticism of the endorsement during the debate. My favorite line, Al Sharpton, “Bossism has no place in this party….we have elections.”

    This got me thinking, Al has a point, the GOP doesn’t seem to put up such a huge selection of candidates for President.

    But is this is such a bad thing? I think there is a lot to be said for having three or four strong candidates and getting rid of the rest early.