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Dec 27th 2007

club for growth ad: huckabee and taxes

the club for growth is spending half a million bucks to get this message out there. visit:

“Entitled ‘United,’ the ad seeks to educate the public about Mike Huckabee’s many tax increases and urges taxpayers to call the governor and challenge him on his tax policy,” said Club for Growth.Net President Pat Toomey. “While the former governor has repeatedly argued that he cut taxes 94 times, the ad demonstrates his willingness to raise taxes, with his tax increases far surpassing his tax cuts.”

Mike Huckabee’s support for tax hikes includes:

* 1996 Sales Tax Hike: Huckabee campaigned for an amendment to raise the sales tax
* 1999 Gas and Diesel Fuel Tax Hike
* 2001 Cigarette Tax Hike
* 2001 Nursing Home Bed Tax
* 2002 Grocery Tax: Huckabee opposed repeal
* 2003 Income Surcharge Tax
* 2003 Tobacco Tax Hike
* Taxes on Internet Access
* 2006 Beer Tax: Huckabee opposed letting the tax expire

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