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Oct 23rd 2007

coach greg ryan out, spoiled brat hope solo stays

In the history of sports, there may never have been a coach fired with a better record.

Greg Ryan was dismissed yesterday as coach of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, after dropping just one of 55 matches (45-1-9) over a three-year period.


The president of U.S. Soccer, Sunil Gulati, insisted that Ryan’s firing was not the result of a single match, or the infamous Hope Solo affair.


Gulati said that Solo, the first-string goalkeeper, was welcome back now on the national team by the federation, an indication of where U.S. Soccer stood on the issue. [source]

this is like jerry buss keeping kobe and dropping shaq. brain dead move.

4 Responses to “coach greg ryan out, spoiled brat hope solo stays”

  1. bnice

    explain why he never played solo. it was the worst decision ever. it made no sense. that is justification for firing someone. having a good record in friendlies is worthless. the women’s team hasn’t done was well as they could have the last two world cups.

  2. travis

    hindsight is 20/20. scurry had an unbeaten record against brazil and had shut them out just a few months earlier.

    it seems silly now to take out the hot hand at goalkeeper, but it was hard to say that hope solo was the hot hand since she had not really been tested after her weak first game when she let in two goals.

    if anything greg ryan made a mistake in not knowing how catty and immature hope solo’s reaction would be and how badly it would vex her team.

    if we want to continue to be the top team in the world, we need to get our youth players playing futsal, where they’ll master ball control like the brazilians, before we ever put them on the big field.

  3. bnice586

    hot hand or not, she had played every minute up to then. scurry hadnt played in 3 months. her reaction was blown out of proportion by the media.

  4. keif

    Greg Ryan was fired for many reasons. He was criticized a ton by the commentators during the WWC. Don’t be distracted by Hope Solo’s comments into thinking he was a good coach! It is true that they had a perfect record till the WWC, but the team plays together every day, whereas many of their friendly opponent teams have much less time to build cohesion. The US WNT is good, but it was not at the top level, so it makes sense to bring in someone else.