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May 4th 2009

Comeback of the Year?

Joy Behar asks Ann Coulter if she wants to be waterboarded, since she supports waterboarding terrorists. Ann Coulter says no, and asks Behar if she would be willing to be aborted because Behar supports aborting fetuses.

Joy Behar: I want to know if you want to be waterboarded because Sean Hannity has volunteered to be waterboarded but I don’t see him sticking his head under the faucet yet.

Ann Coulter: Well, for one thing about half of the male hosts on Fox News have been waterboarded on tv, I’ve seen worse on Fear Factor, and no, I don’t want to be waterboarded—

Behar: Are you sure?

Coulter: –Do you want to be aborted? Because I think you support abortion.
Behar: You know what, that’s quite a jump.

Coulter: No it’s not. I’m not a terrorist!

Great comeback.

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  1. Dr. Richard Kimball

    oh snap!