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May 15th 2012

Compare Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Watch this Barnard College woman embarrass herself from the 2:00 mark until the 9:00 minute mark. This is just so sad.

One of the key accomplishments of Barack Obama’s life, according to this loony Barnard College woman, is a DNC speech Barack gave in 2004 when he was “decisive.”

Of course, Barack Obama did not accomplish anything extraordinary before he was elected president. As president, that has not changed. What he has done is show us what a disaster it is when you elect someone based on potential and emotion instead of past results.

I am serious that the seven minutes from 2:00 to 9:00 in this video of a Barnard College woman introducing Barack Obama rank among the most revolting things I have seen this election cycle, and that is saying something.

Contrast the vacuous, elitist, self-congratulatory, out-of-touch scene at Barnard College on Monday with the serious message Mitt Romney is getting out via this web ad.

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