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Oct 2nd 2008

Compare Tone of PBS Coverage of Major RNC, DNC Speeches

Like night and day:

Barack Obama, in 2004, practically got all three male PBS anchors to announce, right there on national TV, that they were gay for him:

Sarah Palin, in 2008, could hardly give a speech without making Gwen Ifill feel like vomiting:

Ifill’s loftiest (only) praise of Palin: “She delivered her speech word for word.”

One Response to “Compare Tone of PBS Coverage of Major RNC, DNC Speeches”

  1. Rick B.

    Ifill was one of many to highlight that Sarah’s speech was written by speechwriters–as if every speech in the last 30 years of political history hasn’t been acutely wordsmithed.

    We must presume, then, that Obama writes his own material.