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Jul 27th 2006

curtis, the sage: “al-jazeera is the same as FOX news!”

here are some of curtis’ recent shills for al-jazeera. it’s almost as if he’s trying to sell you an al-jazeera subscription door-to-door:

I read al jazeera all the time actually. It’s available on the internet in english and I’ve found them to be a fairly even-handed news organization. After you have read them for a while, let me know what you think. Today’s headlines for example speak of the philipines banning the death penalty, a vote on Mauritania’s constitution, a report of a broadcast by Al Queda etc. Pretty straight forward, no opinionated statements. See for yourself at:

As far as Al Jazeera being a legitimate target in a war, I think you have been too biased by what you hear Al Jazeera is all about. They are a legitimate news organization, created by the British and are the most popular news organization in the middle east. Surely you wouldn’t suggest bombing Fox news would be legitimate just because they have a pretty slanted view of the world?

Airing videos from Al Queda doesn’t mean they are cooperating with Al Queda anymore than airing news from President Bush means they are cooperating with President Bush. They are a news organization and print newsworthy stuff. They have a unique viewpoint on the war in Iraq since they are not embedded with US Troops, or supported by US Corporate/government money. You should be glad they are there to provide a fresh viewpoint of the situation. Anyway, read them a bit and see what you think. Don’t just follow what others want you to think about them.
If you read Al Jazeera carefully instead of just listening to what Rush Limbaugh has to say about it, you’d see that they are a pretty decent news organization.
Al Jazeera is actually a quite good news organization. They were created by the BBC and the only beef the US government has with them is that they are reporting on casualties in Iraq more than the US would like them to, and giving air time to taped recordings from Al Queda. Their actual reporting is quite good if you ever actually read what they have to say. [see his comments here and here]

here are some examples of what al-jazeera has to say:

  • compare al-jazeera to the BBC
  • compare al-jazeera to FOX news
  • compare al-jazeera to FOX news
  • compare al-jazeera to FOX news
  • compare al-jazeera to CNN
  • typical al-jazeera cartoons
  • typical al-jazeera cartoons
  • typical al-jazeera cartoons
  • al-jazeera has inside scoops on terror, including the pre-killing preparations
  • al-jazeera and saddam hussein, butt buddies
  • al-jazeera sanctioned in iraq for “inciting violence”
  • al-jazeera on child suicide bombers
  • arab tv and insurgents work together
  • al-jazeera’s english language site is whitewashed for western readers?
  • members of al-jazeera chant “down with facist america”
  • al-jazeera reporter convicted of complicity in spain bombings
  • the historic lack of credibility of arab media
  • al-jazeera tells arabs what they already think
  • al-jazeera cameramen arrested after broadcasting live footage of haifa oil refineries during rocket attack, allowing terrorists to adjust their aim
  • 7 Responses to “curtis, the sage: “al-jazeera is the same as FOX news!””

    1. Curtis

      For a more fair-minded treatment of Al-Jazeera see Wikipedia at:

      For a more fair minded treatment of Curtis, call his mother.

    2. LucyC

      Talk about “Truth to Power”! Excellent documentation, Travis!

    3. Steve

      Why stop with Al-Jazeera? How ‘bout that fair and balanced perspective provided by the Fox network? How about the news in Iraq as reported by Bush and Cheney (WMD, mission accomplished, last throes, etc.)? You can’t argue with these guys Curtis when you look at their standard of truth.

    4. Curtis

      Thanks for your sentiments Steve,
      When you see me making the headlines on this blog… I guess I have finally achieved the notoriety of any left-wing Latin-American leader worth his salt in these guys minds. I started commenting here to counter the misinformation I was seeing from the blurbs on planet LDS, but it seems I’m starting to wear out my welcome, and I don’t think I’m moving anyone in a positive direction.

    5. it seems I’m starting to wear out my welcome

      poppycock. we’re just getting to know each other, curtis. any meaningful relationship takes time. look at your relationship with your mother. it probably took many years, maybe even until you moved out of the house, before she began to like you.

      I don’t think I’m moving anyone in a positive direction.

      more poppycock. for example, because of you, i will only take my car to citgo for refueling. i want to support your friend hugo chavez and help his country prosper notwithstanding bushitler.

      ….see Wikipedia….

      i love wikipedia, mainly for it’s accuracy.

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