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Sep 30th 2008

Dear Leader!!!

The children of America await you!


3 Responses to “Dear Leader!!!”

  1. travis

    yea, and when the obamassiah cometh, sayeth the prophet, all shall lay down their weapons of war and there shall be appeasement for a thousand years. and heavenly choirs of perfectly ethnically diverse composition shall be arrayed in matching “yes, we can” t-shirts.

    seriously, though, how many of those flutes and north korea-style wall hangings were paid for by obama’s FNMA and FHLMC money?

  2. miguel

    I thought the little girl that started things out was pretty cute and thought that it might not be to crazy.

    Then the kids started the hand motions which were so aweful they were like a parody of themselves–did that remind anyone else of the sign language club in Napoleon Dynamite?

    And was the lady directing the choir totally insane? She looked like an interpretive dancer in a terrible coffee shop on amateur night.

  3. N Chung

    “We’re gonna spread freedom”? Is she a neocon? Do I hear little Bush?

    And is that why the big “O” on the wall is embedded in the Japanese imperial flag?