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Dec 30th 2007

education plans: compare romney and huckabee

mitt: wants to improve american science and math programs so we can compete with asia. read more here.

Mitt Romney has a winning formula to bring about the change our schools need. Romney has offered a plan for education reform which would expand school choice and strengthen charter schools. Romney would also reward teachers with merit-based pay, particularly in areas—Detroit, for example—that struggle to attract and retain quality teachers.

As a business leader, Romney understands that competition breeds success. He understands that in order to improve, schools need to compete with other schools and teachers need to compete with other teachers. This type of healthy competition is the lifeblood of the American economy, as it fosters innovation, efficiency and prosperity. Likewise, introducing competition into our school system will cultivate a culture which rewards excellence, and improves quality from top to bottom.

Romney has a record of advancing substantive educational change. During his tenure in Massachusetts, Romney increased the number of charter schools and the number of students attending them, even against the opposition of a hostile legislature. Romney proposed a plan to provide $68 million per year in performance-based bonuses for 25,000 qualifying teachers. He also oversaw the hiring of 1,000 additional math and science teachers, helped put laptops in the hands of thousands of middle school and high school students, and initiated a scholarship program which rewards successful high school graduates with four-year, tuition free college scholarships. Romney has also proposed a tax credit for families who home-school their children.


While nearly every student, every school district would benefit from the various reforms mentioned, minority students in urban school districts stand to gain the most. That’s why Romney calls education the civil rights issue of our time.

huck: wants to improve music and arts education. (you know, because american music and art is the laughingstock of the world. for example, chinese consumers buy pirated CDs full of french and swedish mp3s and pirated DVDs of mexican and russian movies, eschewing the inferior american product). view huckabee’s flyer here, where he calls music and arts “weapons of mass instruction.” lol.

your choice, iowa.

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