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Jul 17th 2008

File Under: No Longer Care

I apologize for inflicting ‘The View’ on readers of this blog, but I think the flow of conversation over there is at least helpful to show how a group of unintelligent people can struggle with this complex issue. Particularly, I refer to the “two worlds” discussion that begins at about the 4:25 mark. As someone who cares about race relations, I get incensed when I’m told the world has always been unequal, the inequality is still horrible, and that it will never get better. One comment to this exchange captures my frustration perfectly:

There’s nothing more lame than someone who wants to argue with you, but whose whole argument boils down to “you’ll never understand me.” I’ll file this under: no longer care.

Spolitics on July 17, 2008 at 7:45 PM

I think most people in this country, especially younger people, want to care about equality and race relations in America. I need to feel like there is a bright future, and that the gap between our “two worlds” can be bridged, otherwise, why even try?

2 Responses to “File Under: No Longer Care”

  1. I would argue that racial tension is kept alive more by minorities than white americans.

  2. travis

    I’m afraid that might be a little bit of a generalization. I’m going to post something more extensive on this topic soon. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

    In short, the difference is in the leadership: Among whites, I can’t think of a single, respected national leader who advocates racism. Among blacks, there are several. On the local level, I’m sure there is the odd racist white preacher out there, but there is not near the acceptance of that sort of thing in the white community as there is in the black community. I fear that there are leaders like Jeremiah Wright and “Father” Pfleger in my own community, poisoning the minds of their flocks, and preventing real progress. These leaders have staked their careers on railing against “white” America, and this interest conflicts with the need of our nation to heal and move on from old wounds. So when Whoopi says there are two Americas and Elizabeth can never understand her, she’s just recycling some indoctrination from last Sunday, from a preacher who’s afraid he’ll lose his livelihood if his congregation looks forward, instead of backward.

    But in a sense, there are two Americas and Whoopi is right: She might make more money in a given year than I will make in my lifetime. It must be a hard to live in that America!