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Aug 26th 2009

Fun with Law School Margin Notes – Part III


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The feminist writer proposes that domesticity,

[a]s a gender system…has two defining characteristics. The first is its organization of market work around the ideal of a worker who works full time and overtime and takes little or no time off for childbearing or childrearing. Though this ideal-worker norm does not define all jobs today, it defines the good ones: full-time blue-collar jobs in the working-class context, and high-level executive and professional jobs for the middle class and above.

I note:

I would love for part-time jobs to be the most ideal and prestigious jobs in our society.

The truth is that the society’s valuing jobs that require people to work long hours are not sexist. They are more valued because they are more valuable to the employer. Like I said in the margin of my textbook, I would love to be able to spend 10-20 hours out of my 168 hour week on my job and get to the top of my profession. But I hope that everyone else can see how that would be ridiculous.

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