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Aug 24th 2009

Fun with Law School Margin Notes – Part I


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This feminist treatise starts rather abruptly, putting down the traditional family, religion, science, and even the law. At the time, I chose to represented these statements visually in the margin of my textbook:


If your personal philosophy causes you to reject out of hand everything we know from just about every field of human experience and knowledge going back to the beginning of time, you are going to have a hard time convincing me that you are not a fruitcake.

2 Responses to “Fun with Law School Margin Notes – Part I”

  1. Coach Edmo

    That piece of work is idiotic on so many levels. I love it. “Feminism has revealed . . . ” Priceless! How has it done this (seemingly religious thing)? According to what criteria or in what sense do we know that feminism has accomplished these things since the confirmatory or validational practices of religion, science, law (and, presumably, history) are discarded from the outset. Perhaps, like Obama on health care, we are all expected to just take her word for it, to trust her that feminism has accomplished all of this.

  2. bnice

    trav, that it what you get for enrolling in “JURIS 5440; Symposium on Legally Blond and Post Modern Jurisprudence.” i hope you used your analysis of these passages on the final.