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Jun 29th 2009

Great Weekend (and Monday)

US Soccer looks to be back. Or at least they did their best imitation of the 2002 team for the past three games, beating Egypt, Spain and then playing a great first half against Brazil. I’m cautiously optimistic.

The Kirchners lost pretty much everywhere in Argentina’s legislative elections. Even in their home province of Santa Cruz their candidate lost.

The Supreme Court overturned the “Sonia Sotomayor decision” in the Connecticut firefighters case.

The Honduran military ousted the Hugo Chavez clown president of Honduras and the head of Congress took the oath of office. This was not a coup in the traditional sense. The president, Zelaya, wanted to have an unconstitutional referendum. The congress told him to stop. The supreme court told him to stop. He didn’t stop. The military sided with congress and the courts.

3 Responses to “Great Weekend (and Monday)”

  1. I heard that while the Supreme Court decision was 5-4, there was actually a 9-0 rebuttal to Sotomayor’s reasoning in the case.

    And yes, fun to see US soccer make things happen. Hopefully indicative of things to come. But I worry that the United States’ love of being at the top my be frustrating in soccer. There are so many countries that “ought to be” at the top, so, definitely a tough club to be in consistently.

  2. bnice

    due to the content of your previous posts, you have lost any right to have hope or optimism for us soccer. please do not try and jump on the bandwagon now.

  3. krebs

    Don’t forget MJ passing with his dad conspicuously left out of his will.