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May 29th 2008

Happy Feet: Penguins Win Game 3

Brooks Orpik kills fools who try to score. Here is video of a shift where he made four big hits in like 15 seconds:

Pittsburgh’s electric win last night shows they still have some fight left in them. Perhaps they were waiting for the games to be nationally broadcast on NBC before they broke a sweat in the Stanley Cup Finals? Here are more lengthy highlights:

How about Adam Hall banking the game winner off Osgood’s pad from behind the net? How about Pittsburgh hitting two posts and Detroit hitting one? How about the trickler Osgood barely grabbed before it crossed the line? Or the six minutes the teams played late in the third period without a whistle stopping play? If you missed this game, you missed the most exciting game of the finals thus far. Don’t miss the next one, Saturday night on NBC.

One Response to “Happy Feet: Penguins Win Game 3”

  1. Coach Edmo

    It was a thing of immense beauty. Everything that the most exciting soccer game could never be. Sorry Doug.