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Sep 24th 2008

Here comes the clown patrol cavalry


Does anybody honestly think these guys are going to do anything remotely helpful as they rush through a bill to “save the economy”?

I concur with Dan Flynn. This bailout is a steaming pile of…you know what.

Just after Bush’s speech tonight MSNBC went to Chris Dodd to get his thoughts on the crisis. I almost vomited.

Expecting these clowns to do anything useful right now is insane.

4 Responses to “Here comes the clown patrol cavalry”

  1. bnice

    do you have a better idea? they may be clowns, but they have smart people with experience doing the legwork.

  2. doug

    do you have a better idea?

    I would only suggest that our nation’s leaders take longer than a few days to formulate a plan that supposedly is necessary to save the economy.

    they may be clowns, but they have smart people with experience doing the legwork.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that to be the case. Unless we’re talking about experience in getting us into this mess in the first place.

  3. doug

    As Glenn Beck puts it:

    Our financial system is like a 747 flying around with all four of our engines on fire. The bailout effort will not stop us from landing hard, but without it, we may simply drop out of the sky.

    What Congress is attempting is a last-second search for an open field to land this plane with as little damage as possible. With that in mind, I think some kind of action may be a necessary evil, but we must be very, very careful.

    Action for the sake of action, much like change for the sake of change, doesn’t solve problems. It usually inflames them. And what’s worse is that it creates brand-new catastrophes we haven’t even considered yet. Wall Street and Congress have been playing with fire, and now it’s Main Street that’s beginning to sweat.

  4. If the government doesn’t do this bailout, who gets nailed? People that can’t pay their mortgage? People about the retire with 401Ks? Everyone insofar as the economy touches every aspect of our lives…?

    I simply don’t know enough about the complexities of the national economy, but shouldn’t everyone involved in bad lending (the borrower and lender) go down in flames because that is the risk they entered into?

    But, like I said, I don’t understand everything so perhaps letting that happen will affect my ability to say, start a small business with a loan for the next few years…?

    I agree though that there are some serious conflicts of interest for all three men pictured in this post. 🙂