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Nov 8th 2011

The Herman Cain Stuff

This piece by Dan Riehl is the most measured, logical breakdown I’ve read. Excerpt:

I don’t think Herman Cain was, or is, some serial pervert and harasser of women. Do I think he may have fancied himself as something of a ladies man at some point? That would be my guess, but that’s all it is. His tenure at the NRA didn’t last all that long in the grand scheme. A couple short years, during which we now know there were at least two formal complaints, and he was out of there. He didn’t leave to immediately take some other job, so far as I can tell. And it was something of a plum position if one wanted to be a player in Washington.

When Ben Bradlee recently made the statement, “He had it coming to him” I pretty much took it as confirming what I’d already heard. There weren’t people lined up around every corner trying to take Cain down, just enough people in Washington who knew and interacted with him enough to know what the deal was.

We’ll see what Cain says at 5pm.

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