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A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Apr 25th 2007

hockey, real man’s sport. baseball, not so much.

after the pittsburgh penguins were eliminated in the first round of the NHL playoffs by the ottawa senators, sidney crosby revealed he played the last 2.5 weeks of the season and the playoffs with a broken foot.

this month, several of the MLB’s new york yankees have been placed on the 15-day disabled list. their maladies include:

damon: strained calf
pavano: tightness in forearm
matsui: hamstring pull
mussina: painful hamstring
chien-ming: hamstring pull

baseball involves about 30 seconds of running per player per game. this is preceeded by about 4 hours of slow stretching and warm-up tosses. then if you get an owie, you get half a month off.

the only sport less demanding than baseball must be the centenarians shuffle-board league at del boca vista.

16 Responses to “hockey, real man’s sport. baseball, not so much.”

  1. doug

    Huh? The NHL is having playoffs right now? I must have missed that on SportsCenter between the updates on dog mushing and Olympic curling.

  2. What kind of a response was that, Doug? Travis said nothing to deny that SportsCenter is incapable of devoting adequate time to covering meaningful and genuine sporting events. Just because those chisel-haired pretty-boys at ESPN don’t run updates about the NHL playoffs that doesn’t mean that baseball isn’t, in point of fact, exactly what Travis claims it to be (i.e., a pansy sport for girlie-men who are too lazy and too intelligent to play soccer).

  3. Michael

    What?! Travis, How can you say that when it requires people with such chiseled physiques, like David Wells, Roger Clemes, and Curt Schilling to suceed at Baseball?

  4. Hockey players have more heart than any other team sports professionals. Hands Down!!!

    watch them suffer during the grueling playoffs.(let alone the super long regular season.) All for the chance to hoist the Stanley cup.

    got chills just thinking of it.


    yes, I know. They will probably blow it in the second round.

  6. doug

    Am I the only non-Canadian who reads this blog?

  7. N Chung

    you deserve a wedgie for deprecating the national pastime

  8. (1) I’m not Canadian.


    (2) I used to play baseball — at least until I reached the age where they quit giving us snowcones after the games . . . semi-professional, I guess you’d say.

  9. doug,

    fyi, I am a female from so cal.

  10. Dr. Richard Kimball

    Well, I have not been on the blog for a rather long time. Been away with medical duties. But has hockey gained any popularity since that time? I mean, south of the Arctic Circle?

  11. travis

    i don’t think hockey is any more popular than when you left. however, the players continue to be much more manly than the players of most other sports, especially baseball and shuffleboard.

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  13. How can you compare sports, what are your criteria? Usain bolt run during only 9.72 sec does it mean that is not a good athlete? Playing baseball involved different skills than hockey… which one is harder?
    No one can realy say…

  14. How can you compare sports, what are your criteria? Usain bolt run during only 9.72 sec does it mean that is not a good athlete? Playing baseball involved different skills than hockey… which one is harder?
    No one can realy say…

  15. Really? theres alot of other sports that are better!!

  16. Alyssa

    Seriously>… Baseball is boring after the second quarter. Hockey is fun to watch. Woo-tee-doo to you! Oh look Greg! Granderson got a homerun! big deal. IN most hockey games its a big deal to get a point.Football is a diffrent story. Football to me, is usless, and I am sick of it! sick of it.Oh its super bowl sunday! Woo-tee-doo! buy bounches of junk and get thousands of more caleries! On super bowl sunday, I eat completely heathly the whole day. Had A nice and heathly breakfast lunch and dinner. Had friut and peanuts on super bowl sunday. And look at everyone else. Eating five hundred calerie chips, and loads of sugar in there pops. Did you see all the chip comeriscals on super bowl day?!? It was incane. What kid slaps there dad over a bag of chips! seriously. Im not nobodys mother but, people need to keep track of what they eat. I exercise weekly,eat the right foods, and keep my body in shape. Others.Look at them. There skinny minnies. They eat all that junk. If they keep eating like that, there gonna be chubs when there older. Wahtever you eat now efects what you look like when your older. THis is the promblem of the over weight crisis.