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Jul 26th 2007

hooray, UK is a gun free zone!

like the students at virginia tech, who attended classes in a “gun free zone,” i feel much safer knowing that guns are not lawfully permitted on my college’s campus.

Subject: Announcing revised university administrative regulations
From: University of Kentucky President Lee Todd
Date: July 25, 2007

The university is pleased to announce the issuance of the
following revised Administrative Regulations:

AR II-1.2-7, POLICY ON DEADLY WEAPONS: This regulation
prohibits the possession of deadly weapons on university
property, defines deadly weapon, provides for exceptions,
and provides disciplinary actions for violations. The
revision consists of updating the definition of deadly
weapons to conform to state law.

a copy of the regulation is here. as i mentioned, i feel unbelievably safe now. to see the effect gun free zones have on criminals, just watch this amazing video showing their power to deter crime:

8 Responses to “hooray, UK is a gun free zone!”

  1. N Chung

    were you aware BYU doesn’t permit guns either? even by the police?

  2. Not entirely correct. I’m faculty at BYU and I know several campus police officers and they carry guns. The student traffic cops who run around writing-up parking violations don’t have anything more dangerous than a hefty flashlight, but the offical campus police are packing heat.

  3. N Chung

    My bad. I remembered a quote from this article incorrectly.

    The following article summarizes BYU’s gun ban:

    BYU’s ban is in complete violation of Utah legislation.

  4. Well…lets call the ACLU!!! Another private institution is trying to enforce its will on people!

    Well..back to the topic, campus gun laws create as Ted Nugent says, killing zones where people cannot fight back.

    Ted Nugent’s Article following the Virginia Tech Shootings

  5. I’m not real big on the gun ban at BYU, but I do support the right of a privately-owned, religious institution to govern itself in that fashion. A state-owned and tax-payer funded institution, however, should be a bit more careful about restricting 2nd Amendment rights.

  6. N Chung

    According to the Utah legislator, his end goal is to nail BYU. He says he’s starting with the UofU for the very reason you cited, it’s easier to nail because it’s a public institution.

    That’s why Pres. Bateman supported the U’s ban; it’s a pre-emptive strike.

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  8. josh

    gun free zones have prooozen NOT TO WORK ever heard of virginia tech !!!!!!!!!