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Dec 6th 2007

huck, how many lives do you have to ruin?

stop running for president now.

stop the madness, mike. you’re horrible.



update: here you will find letters from victims pleading with huckabee not to help free dumond.

One Response to “huck, how many lives do you have to ruin?”

  1. doug

    Huckabee will be spared for a few days from this because, ironically, Romney gave the speech.

    In any case, this narrative is downright damning for Huckabee. It is so much worse than Dukakis and Willie Horton. In Dukakis’ case it was a governor who supported a (stupid) program that allowed for Horton to murder. In Huckabee’s case, he personally intervened in a specific case to let a rapist be paroled.

    Such a sad story.