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May 29th 2007

Hugo Chavez Fan: Stephen Lendman

As a quick example (perhaps a regular feature?) we offer you exhibit A: Chavista useful idiot, Stephen Lendman.

Here are two articles that he’s published in just the past twenty days:

May 9, 2007 – Criminalizing Speech – The War on Free Expression

In a post-9/11 climate, the right of free expression is under attack and endangered in the age of George Bush when dissent may be called a threat to national security, terrorism, or treason. But losing that most precious of all rights means losing our freedom that 18th century French philosopher Voltaire spoke in defense of saying “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Using it to express dissent is what noted historian Howard Zinn calls “the highest form of patriotism” exercising our constitutional right to freedom of speech, the press, to assemble, to protest publicly, and associate as we choose for any reason within the law.

May 28, 2007 – Venezuela’s RCTV: Sine Die and Good Riddance

Venezuelan TV station Radio Caracas Television’s (known as RCTV) VHF Channel 2’s operating license expired May 27, and it went off the air because the Chavez government, with ample justification, chose not to renew it. RCTV was the nation’s oldest private broadcaster, operating since 1954. It’s also had a tainted record of airing Venezuela’s most hard right yellow journalism, consistently showing a lack of ethics, integrity or professional standards in how it operated as required by the law it arrogantly flaunted.

2 Responses to “Hugo Chavez Fan: Stephen Lendman”

  1. Chavez's idiot

    RCTV is getting away with a slap on the wrist for crimes of seditition that would be punishable by jail terms in most civilized countries.

  2. travis

    RCTV is getting away with a slap on the wrist for crimes of seditition (sic) that would be punishable by jail terms in most civilized countries.

    actually, you are thinking of uncivilized countries and communist dictatorships. here is what RCTV allegedly did (from your favorite site, venezuela analysis):

    on the day of the coup and in the following days [RCTV was told] “to not broadcast any information about Chávez, his followers, ministers, or any other person who might be connected to him.” [source]

    horror of horrors! involvement of involvements! < /sarcasm >. interestingly, here is how venezuela analysis describes RCTV:

    RCTV is a private group whose principal activity consists in denigrating the policies of the Bolivarian government. Chávez has accused repeatedly, and not without reason, the nation’s four main TV channels (Globovisión, Televen, Venevisión and RCTV, which control about 90 percent of the market and enjoy a de-facto media monopoly) of carrying out a “psychological war” against his administration.

    For their part, those media have given overt proof of a hostility bordering on fanaticism toward the Venezuelan president, ever since he came to power in 1999. They have never stopped questioning the legitimacy of the government and casting doubt on the popular support he logically enjoys. The private media constantly invite to their programs oligarchic oppositionists and putschist military officers who proclaim subversion and the overthrow of the constitutional order.

    now, go back and read it again. only, substitute the words “CBS, NBC, and NY times, et al” in place of “RCTV” and “bush” for “chavez.”

    liberals quickly discard their justification for anti-bush administration news in america (“dissent is patriotic!”) when the leader is a socialist dictator.

    doug has you people pegged. it is comical how deluded you are.