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Apr 18th 2009

I have never felt so proud to be a conservative

Watch this video of GOP congressman being booed at one of South Carolina’s tax day tea parties because he voted for to authorize TARP and now supports Obama’s economic stimulus. I think they were booing so loudly partly because he voted the way he did, and partly because he had the gall to think he would be welcomed at an event that is all about protesting massive bailouts.

i mean, dude, how did you think the crowd was going to react?

If every American voter was as educated and informed as the individuals in this audience, and held their elected representatives accountable for their voting records, we might not be in the hole we are in right now.

The message from folks in Greenville to Congressman Gresham Barrett was clear Friday evening: Voters are mad about the $700 billion bailout he voted for and the massive government stimulus package he is now supporting.

Barrett, a Republican, attempted to speak before an estimated crowd of 4,000 people at a Post Tax Day Tea Party in the Upstate only to be greeted by boos from most everyone in attendance.

None of the other speakers — including Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. Jim DeMint and Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer — were booed.

Protesters screamed “go home” and blew air horns during the duration of Barrett’s five minute speech. Some even turned their backs to him.

[source: palmetto scoup]

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