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Oct 22nd 2007

I’m not voting for Ron Paul…

…because it’s not expressly prescribed in the Constitution.

Courtesy of: Mark Hemingway.

2 Responses to “I’m not voting for Ron Paul…”

  1. Scott

    As you have humorously pointed out, the Constitution does not constrain individuals but constrains the federal government in how it can constrain individuals. One of the beauties of the Constitution is that it specifically enumerates a small government and even redundantly says that does not cross the line to inhibiting our freedoms. Ron Paul understands this and will abide by the constitution. That is, abide by the constitution in his role in the federal government. That is, he will diligently do the work of a president but not as an emperor or dictator.

  2. Jamie

    …just as a loon. My only joy in the conclusion of this electoral madness will be the stunned shock of Ron Paul fans when they come to understand that reality isn’t like the internet.